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What you should know about Epilepsy 360 Degrees: National Epilepsy Magazine

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Beginning in 1952 as a local association, Epilepsy Action Australia has developed into the largest provider of specialist epilepsy services in the community for people with epilepsy and other seizure disorders, their carers, families and the broader community. These are short but meaningful muscle jerks which usually involve the upper body but can involve the lower or entire body. EEG This is a non invasive test used to look at the electrical activity of the brain. An Electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test commonly performed to look at the electrical activity of the brain that is, the brain waves or how the brain is functioning. It is also imperative to inform the person doing the test of any medications you are taking. The test can be performed in the same way as for a steady EEG or video telemetry, depending on the unit, but the person is asked to sleep during the test. This allows the EEG to be recorded over a much longer period than a customary EEG for considerable days if need be and in a conventional setting. For people who have destitute seizure handle despite trying many medications over time, there are now other treatment options available. Medical Management Medication is the beginning line of treatment in the management of epilepsy. Most people attain handle with the first medication that is tried, however, some people may need to trial more than one medication prior they gain seizure control. The best of medication depends upon factors like seizure type, age, health condition, lifestyle, employment and side effects. To avoid missing doses receive your medication at a steady time such as meal times. This is an imperative time to interrogate questions. It is a serious form of treatment that, like other therapies for epilepsy, has side effects that have to be watched for. In children this is normal and can be confused with absence seizures. Self management involves taking regulate of the way you think and feel about epilepsy, and how you cope in everyday life. You will be capable to take a more active role asking questions and discussing treatment options with your doctor. Identifying seizure triggers and learning how to avoid them is important for seizure control. Avoiding seizure triggers can be very solid at times. Alcohol and drugs) that can enlarge the risk of having seizures and have an effect on the anti epileptic medication. The impact these changes have can vary from person to person. Antiepileptic drugs are very effective in controlling seizures in people over the age of 65. If you are taking medications for other health problems, there is a risk that the anti epileptic medication may interact with those other drugs. So it is especially imperative to tell your doctor and pharmacists about all medications you are taking.

It began with a mother’s heartache, having no option but to store her daughter with strict epilepsy in the concern of a psychiatric hospital. Initially members of the association provided support to each other but busy plans included accommodation and therapy services for people with stringent epilepsy. In 1969 the association restructured as a company limited by guarantee to meet its lengthy term mission of providing consumer focused, professional services across Australia. The year 200 saws the establishment of a nationwide telephone service and also a change in name to Epilepsy Association. In 2005 the Epilepsy Action 'brand' or trading name was introduced to signify a firm commitment to occupied for certain change and also to differentiate the organization from local state based associations and urge groups. Now, for more than a decade, Epilepsy Action Australia has delivered services nationwide with around 130 staff who fundraiser and bear specialist epilepsy services. For the years it has been serving the community, Epilepsy Action Australia has raised funds required for services through its own fund raising, with only a very small percentage of funding from Government.

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Epilepsy Action Australia (AA) is committed to delivering an equitable and consistent service to all people in Australia and is working to deliver higher, national levels of support, building services around health education and interventions to facilitate self management. AA has delivered services nationwide for more than a decade and is the largest provider of specialist epilepsy services in the community for people with epilepsy. For abundant years AA has been working on a national service strategy as the solution to the problem of meeting the needs of Australians living with epilepsy incorporating the design of innovative services and delivery tools to facilitate the availability of comprehensive services across Australia, close to people with epilepsy, their families and their carers, no matter where they live. To respond to the emotional and psycho social needs of people with epilepsy AA provides Adventure Therapy Camps that allow people with epilepsy to experience the dignity of risk in a supported environment. Any person who has identified needs associated with their epilepsy can take individualized services and support from Epilepsy Action Australia. All services are delivered in partnership with the person with epilepsy or the family of a child with epilepsy. This includes a Needs Assessment and the development of an Individual Service Plan. Education for individuals with epilepsy and their family members about aspects of epilepsy and its management is fundamental to the aptitude to participate fully and safely in everyday activities. Epilepsy Action Australia tailors education specifically for the individual, taking into consideration the specific diagnosis and manifestation of the person’s epilepsy and may include: The flawless documentation of a seizure diary such that seizure activity can be recorded thoroughly and accurately to inform medical management of the seizures. Education sessions can be provided to the person with epilepsy or in a group setting (e.g. It is in the superior interest of a person experiencing seizures to reduce both the impact of seizures on their daily life and the risk of injury in the event of a seizure. Each person’s seizures will be diverse and specific to the individual and seizure management plans will require tailoring to each person’s needs and circumstances. A Seizure Management Plan (MP) is a document that contains critical information for a person(s) assisting someone who experiences seizures in order to minimize the impact of seizures and lessen the risk of injury. Providing education and training as required. Education and Training is provided by Epilepsy Action Australia to pertinent professionals, disability workers, paid carers, schools, workplaces etc in order to increase the competence and confidence of various people who labor with people who have epilepsy. Epilepsy Action Australia has responded by funding and facilitating residential camps for people with epilepsy and their families, with adventure therapy provided through the engagement of a specialist camp provider. These camps produce fun activities to assist children and adults to rebuild confidence, self esteem and trust. Training includes information about epilepsy and seizures, including descriptions of the common types of seizure activity, seizure first aid and management strategies. Epilepsy Action Australia has joined forces with MyEpilepsyTeam to bring you an online community for people living with epilepsy. It has a forum with areas to discuss subjects such as medication, seizures and so on, and share experiences and anecdotes. The Epilepsy Action Australia Service Advisory Group is made up of outer representatives from a broad irritable section of people living with epilepsy and aims to reflect the diverse range of client groups within the epilepsy sector. Drawing upon their personal experiences and those of the groups they represent, they yield advice and comment on the quality and appropriateness o

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