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Suite 514, 1 Queens Rd. Melbourne. Melbourne, VIC, 3004.
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What you should know about Hypnohelp Melbourne - Hypnotherapy clinic in Melbourne

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The Leading Solution for Hypnotherapy in Melbourne!

At Hypnohelp Melbourne, we provide a comprehensive Australian Hypnotherapy service that users in Melbourne can make use of. With many years of expertise and understanding of hypnotherapy, we make use of our skills to improve your several quality of life across the board. Hypnotherapy has become a leading form of treatment for those who cannot relief in other ways in life.

Through our expertise and passion for hypnotherapy Melbourne residents can make sure you can see major differences and improvements in the way that you live your life. Through our service, we provide a calming experience that can provide education and enlightenment in how to overcome such issues.

For those who wish to live a healthier lifestyle, overcome a particular challenge they cannot do consciously or kick back a bad habit, we can help you to do so with ease. Through the years, we've helped to make a positive change and improvement to the lifestyle of many people. From helping people to stop smoking to improving sleeping disorders, we have many forms of expertise that you can make use of starting from today.

What we can do for you

Hypnotherapy in Melbourne.

There's an obvious personal experience that comes from taking on hypnotherapy. Most people don't really know how to go about dealing with certain problems in life, and often make little conscious effort to bring an end to their personal challenges. At Hypnohelp Melbourne, we can help you to make the right decisions to improve the quality of life that you live today.

Some of the solution that we have used our hypnotherapy expertise to work on include:

- Giving you the ability needed to start making active improvements to your mentality;

- Helping to overcome events and incidents that affected you in earlier life;

- Ensuring that you can deal with problems such as weight loss, overcoming compulsive disorders;

- Reduce fear and uncertainty resolving a specific upcoming event, giving you confidence;

-Compelling you to find the means to take a new leap of faith in life;

- Relieve general stress and anxiety through our powerful hypnotherapy program;

- Give up compulsive habits such as binge-eating, smoking, alcohol, drugs use, etc.;

- Eliminating feelings of inadequacy and depression and improving your mind-set for change;

- Overcoming phobias and other such common issues.

If any of the above problems sound like the kind of issues you have faced until now, we would love to help you overcome them.

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At Hypnohelp Melbourne, we care deeply about making sure that the mental and emotional anguish that you face today can be overcome as soon as possible. From helping you to better manage your body to caring your mind of a need for addiction and repetition, we can help you to live a fuller, healthier and happier life as soon as possible. We provide a high quality hypnotherapy sessions that helps you to find the source of your problem, making towards finally solving the underlying cause of the issues that you face today. From  depression, phobias to addictions, we'll look to find the perfect starting point to overcome even the most specific and stringent of emotional issues. Hypnotherapy Clinic in Melbourne Hypnotherapy clinic located around Melbourne Hypnotherapy clinic servicing clients around Melbourne suburbs.


At Hypnohelp Melbourne, we provide a wealth of Melbourne hypnotherapy solutions that you can make use of starting from today. We know how hard it is to begin treatment of various issues in life, which is why so many trust us to deliver time and time again. Just some of the solutions that we can provide you with meaningful access today includes:
Quit Smoking- One of the best solutions we can provide you with is to come to an end to your smoking habit. We know it can be hard to stop smoking, which is why our team work around the clock to help making sure we find the triggers to help you get relief from this particular problem. Everyone has their own reasons for taking cigarettes; let's 'excavate' your mind and find out what the trigger is, and put an end to it together.
Weight loss- Just as the above is true for being able to stop smoking, we can help you to find your trigger point for excessive eating. From having access to the food to comfort eating to escape tough times, we can find the reasons why you keep eating - and put in place a solution to help put an end to the problem once and for all. With our weight loss program, we can stop you from having short-term dietary success habits. By finding the triggers, we can put an end to your desire to keep eating so heavily!
Phobias- Do you shriek the minute you see a spider entering the room? Do you find it hard to put with insects? Are you afraid of heights? Whatever the phobia, we can help you to find a solution. We'll look to dig deeper via our hypnotherapy to help find the cause of the phobia, and then work with you to help find closure and make sure that your problems with that particular phobia can become a thing of the past as soon as possible.
Anxiety- From those suffering from anxiety to feelings of profound depression, our team works around the clock to find a hypnotherapy solution that can solve your issues. If you suffer from any kind of mental issues, then our Melbourne hypnotherapist will work with you around the clock to help find a solution to both locate the trigger and then put an end to the problems it causes you. From short fuse to being in need of a lasting cure for depression, we'll work with you to find a solution that puts an end to your anguish.
Addiction- From aforementioned smoking to drug abuse and any form of addiction, we can help to find the root cause of your addiction and then offer a telling solution to bring an end to this problem. From putting an end to a life long addiction to digging deeper into your mind to find the source of your addictive personality to put an end to it, we have various solutions available.
Whatever problems you deal with in this world, we'll make sure you can get all the help that you need to overcome them. From suffering from addiction to weight issues, we can make sure you have access to the most powerful and persuasive of treatments plans to put an end to your need to keep suffering.
You don't have to suffer in silence, at Hypnohelp Melbourne, we'll make sure you can get the kind of treatment Melbourne residents deserve!


Hypnohelp Melbourne is a hypnotherapy clinic that prides itself on a personalized service. Designed be tailored to your own needs and with treatment only suggested when we feel it's the optimum solution, we'll make it easier than ever to care for your body and mind in the same instance. After all, a healthy body leaves us to have a healthy mind... but an unhealthy mind makes it nigh-impossible to have a healthy body!
For example, a mind that drives itself on fear and negativity is unlikely to find the solutions it need to overcome mental frailty, anxiety, depression or addiction. At Hypnohelp Melbourne, we concentrate on delivering a comprehensive solutionthat can help to solve these problems as soon as possible for you.
We care deeply about making sure that the solution is all about making it about you. There is no universal solution to the problems you face: instead of trowing prescription treatments at you, we delve deeper. With the help of hypnotherapy, we get closer to finding out where your issues stem from and then create an environment that makes overcoming and removing these issues from mind as much easier experience to put together.
Not only that, but we work as a fully licensed team, headed up by Suzy Teixeira. With many years of expertise in hypnotherapy as well as a lifetime of interest and passion, Suzy makes you get a fully licensed hypnotherapy treatment tailored to you. All of our team come from a highly respected backround within hypnotherapy; treatments that we cannot fully believe in and authenticate will never be offered as part of Hypnohelp Melbourne philosophy.
The aim here is simple: to help you feel better about life that you live and the kind of experience that you go through on a daily basis.

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Reviews of Hypnohelp Melbourne - Hypnotherapy clinic in Melbourne (1)

AdrinaFelicity 11/04/2018

I began noticing positive changes after 3 sessions with Suzy. At first it was small things; laughing at mistakes rather than worrying about them, sleeping better and responding to other drivers in a calmer way (road-rage became a thing of the past!). Prior to hypnotherapy I would assume the worst in a situation, leading to irrational thoughts and unnecessary stress. Suzy taught me that things are rarely as bad as they seem, to tackle problems in a logical manner and to avoid procrastination.

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